Applied Machine Applications offers data analytics built upon deep learning neural networks to help you get the maximum amount of benefit out of your customer data.
Applied Machine Applications overs a special, customizable service that allows a business to analyze data over their clients to create better advertising campaigns that bolster and sustain sales. Machine learning offers a unique ability to companies that allow them to really dig into the data that customers provide through rewards programs or membership programs. The data that the customer gives away for the extra benefits is an underutilized gold mine to better target and advertise to different demographics that do business. Applied Machine Applications helps smaller to medium sized companies tap into that goldmine. We use our knowledge and your data to provide a massive boost in targeted advertising that leaves customers happy and the businesses happier. Using predictive performance analysis, AML can predict the performance of an ad before it is distributed. This allows the creator of the advertisement to fine-tune the ad to get the maximum amount of impressions. This is done using previous performance data as well as insights from similar ad campaigns.

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